July 24, 2018

4275: How Jacquees’ Newest Album Keeps Me Comin’ Back

For those of you who may not know Jacquees, he’s the young, dread-headed heartthrob that has captured the hearts of thousands of young women since he got his start wooing his vocals over YouTube streams.

I will NEVER forget my first impression of Jacquees. I was on YouTube with a couple of friends listening to him cover Trey Songs’ “Can’t Be Friends”. Click here to watch!  I remember being blown away at just how great this kid sounded over an instrumental while sitting on his couch watching SportsCenter, singing a cappella and killing Trey (although I love him) without the first piece of studio equipment. He was just 15 at the time.

That was 7 years ago. I’ve followed Jacquees every since, hoping and praying he’d finally make it mainstream because I’ve always felt as if he deserved it. My prayers were soon answered because in 2014 he was signed to Cash Money and now, in 2018, he’s released his debut album ‘4275’.


Y’all, I’m not going to go track by track and tell you just how AMAZING this album is, but Jacquees has a talent that surpasses his age group. He reminds me of a young Usher, or even Monica, starting so early in the music game at such a young age but sings about LOVE like he’s seen and felt it all!

Not only are his vocals and delivery everything, the features on this album include some present day heavy hitters that are also his inspirations like Trey Songz and Chris Brown. You’ll also find Young Thug and Dej Loaf on it for those of you who love hip-hop. And for those of you who love good ol’ 90’s R&B, he even has a track with LaTocha Scott from XScape and MY FAVORITE singing group Jagged Edge.

The first single for this album, B.E.D. is Jacquees’ own sexy rendition sampling popular lyrics from Avant’s “Read Your Mind”. As deserved, the single has gone GOLD, giving Jacquees his first, monumental accolade on his first, official single.

Listen, Jacquees is BOP-WORTHY ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME JACQUEES IS BOP-WORTHY. If you’re a millennial who enjoys a variety of R&B vocals over sometimes a trap beat, a rap feature, or just some good ol’ baby-making music, Jacquees is it and album 4275 is waiting for YOU! Available on all streaming platforms!

I love you Jacquees. Keep shining bro and VeeKay is so proud of you!

May 12, 2018

Mya is BACK & Lookin’ Like a Snack!

Grammy-nominated R&B artist MYA used to be one of the hottest acts in the 90’s. Her smooth and sultry voice was laid over many of the tracks that we still love to this very day including break-up anthem “Moving On” ft. Silkk the Shocker and the “questions that need answers” song “Case of the Ex”.

What many people don’t know about this fan favorite is that she hasn’t been off the map for long. Mya has released a few projects over the years to keep her fans happily entertained. Speaking for myself, I’ve enjoyed her mixtapes; it’s nice to have one of the true R&B O.G.’s of my time still out here making quality music!

April 20, 2018, Mya released her 8th studio album, TKO (The Knock Out), on her very own record label “Planet 9” in commemoration of her debut album “Mya” which was released 20 years ago. WOW. Feel old yet? I know I do…

TKO (The Knock Out) is A TRUE R&B/SOUL ALBUM & THAT IS MY FAVORITE QUALITY ABOUT IT! R&B is my favorite genre of music so I’m always down to hear new and old vibes that soothe my ears & please my spirit 🙂 Mya brings sexy back; she brings old-school love vibes back; she brings that ‘Midnight Love’ feel back.

So my TOP 3 cuts from this album are:

  1. Ready for Whatever – This was her first single for the album. I immediately gravitated towards it because of the authentic 90’s sound & sexy lyrics. She definitely serves plenty of “the old Mya” all while delivering lyrics in that milennial, trap-soul format. I later found out that Kevin McCall wrote and produced this song. Although he’s a little loony, he’s super talented and I’ve always admired his work.
  2. Simple Things – On this track, Mya explains how she is only requesting that her guy gives her the SIMPLE THINGS like undivided time and attention. She makes it very clear that money is not an object of her affection. I’m currently in the same place. It’s not about the material things, I just want someone who’s gonna always deliver those simple things that mean so much. I can really relate to this one.
  3. Ready (Part III-Bedroom Mix) – OMG. MYA DELIVERT! U HEAR ME?! Ready is basically her own rendition of R. Kelly’s “It Seems Like You’re Ready”.  She nailed the adlibs & EVERYTHING. The song is just sexy, cool, and smooth, like Mya Lol.

& I cannot fail to mention how she samples Teddy Pendegrass’ “Love T.K.O.” in the T.K.O. interlude & kills it.

This album does not disappoint. It’s worth a thorough listen and you won’t have to hit the skip button; especially if you’re an R&B junkie, that makes it all the better! I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself listening to this one late at night more so than in the day!