VK’s Beauty Product Reviews

May 12, 2018

The “Impressed You” Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re familiar with the Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Palette, then this product may strike you as familiar due to it’s similarities in presentation.

Beauty Glazed did not stop there. They even duped the colors to match those of the Jaclyn Hill palette quite nicely if I must say so myself:

The colors are HIGHLY pigmented and do not leave much to the imagination! I got away with really one sweep & one blend of product (of each color) to each lid to attain my first look with this bargain beauty. I used 3 colors to achieve this look that I like to call “Subtle Rose”:


I did my make-up in a rush this day, plus my eyebrows needed to be cleaned up BADLY, and I had an ugly bump under my right eye-brow! Even with all those negative factors, I think it came out lovely for a regular day 🙂

VK RATES this palette with an 8.5… Definitely a MUST BUY!

You can find this product on Amazon for an inexpensive price of $11.88.  So if you’re pockets are tight but you need to get that eyeshadow right, this is the perfect palette for you!

Glow Gina…..