Hello all! I created this video in hopes of shedding some light going into the new year! These are just some of my personal reflections that I’ve taken to heart and will continue to live and learn by!  I hope this country gal helps someone out there with the gems I decided to share! “FREE … Continue Reading

Dreaming and planning gives me a sense of fulfillment. Above feeling fulfilled, it’s just relieving to mentally escape and let belief take over the heart. Without a doubt I concur that believing delivers us daily from what seems like nightmares. Belief ties us over until we to “happily ever after.” Without belief and some optimism, we’ll never get that “happily ever after” ending. 

Joining thousands of women across the country to break spiritual barriers.

Because the “old me” needed to grow. Because the “old me” needed to go. Because you honestly did not respect her and now you don’t like her because she respects herself without waiting for someone else to. Because she realized that her heart is not to be given freely. Because she realized that her armor … Continue Reading