By NO means am I an expert on life, but you can bet I’m an expert at learning from it. Hey y’all! My name is Valeria Stovall, I’m 31 years young, and I am the face behind, and in front, of Being VeeKay. I hail from Mississippi mud and mosquitos, hence my consistent usage of the word Y’ALL. I’m currently bathing in Texas humidity and on the verge of becoming a mommy for the first time!

early as I canvee2 remember, I’ve always had the classic characteristics of being the “girl-next-door” coupled with some shyness, timidness, and  never wanting to make much NOISE. I don’t mean “noise” as in actual sound, but anything that would place the spotlight on Me, I wanted no parts of it. I’ve always been introverted but I’ve always enjoyed extroverted things (I later discovered that I’m a classic ambivert! lol).

As I journeyed my way into adolescence, I began to realize that there is no power in hiding, being fearful of greatness, or simply being quiet all the time. Life was passing me by. I was not living out loud, networking, connecting with people, or learning new and helpful things the “easy way”. Looking back, there were so many bullets I could’ve dodged had I simply had the courage to speak up and stand out. 

I know there are other women out there like me. Those who are basically “afraid” to be great; Afraid to step out of their comfortable boxes and explore new territories that’ll heighten their life’s experiences!

Within scope of GLOWth and Development, Being VeeKay’s focus is to ultimately deliver 3 things to 3 types of women:

For the Repressed, Motivation to Shine;

For the DRIVEN, the tools to stand out; and

For those who want the most out of life; a CONSTANT celebration of your uniqueness in each and every way!


If you happen to identify with one of these types or ALL of these, then you’re definitely in the right place. If you cannot see yourself in ANY of these categories then you’re STILL in the right place because EVERY woman should celebrate her uniqueness as much as possible in her own way!

In my opinion, it’s all about learning to embrace every piece of your puzzle and understand how they all fit together to create a entity that is bigger than your struggles—-a powerful being.

Being Veekay makes this possible by documenting and sharing a series of traveled journeys, expectations of what lies ahead, and applying the already learned life lessons to new territories.

It’s amazing when you’re finally able to recognize your own power. I’m here to make sure that other women are doing the same! Claim your throne DAILY! Now 

THAT’S #LifeGoals! Your GLOW UP is already here! 

Being YOU, Being ME, Being STRONG



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