Hey busy girls!

This topic is relatively important to me because I am oh-so-GUILTY of not exercising self-care as often as I should. Coming from a “bad & busy” chick, I’ve learned that keeping MYSELF on top of my ‘to-do’ list is essential to even get around to tackling anything else on that list! So without wasting much more time, let’s dive in shall we?

Self-Prioritization is…

Obviously, we know what self-prioritization is, but my own definition is ‘taking a piece of yourself for yourself and applying it to YOURSELF! Just think about it– you serve pieces of yourself to other people and external places all the time! If you’re anything like me, you want to do your absolute best in everything you’re involved in! Let’s face it, the average woman in 2018 feels as if she can do it all; while I agree with that notion, we’re often guilty of neglecting ourselves in that realm. Moms, “GLOW-getters”, trendsetters, career women, students, breadwinners, community activists, etc…you ladies are doing it ALL and it can be overwhelming. Just as we learn to create magic in our daily lives, we must learn to pour some of that magic into our own bodies and souls.

Ok, so what’s the deal? Why is it so important?

Our everyday routines can be demanding. Falling into the trap of “I have to get this done” often chips away at the time we spend for ourselves, especially if we do not make the time.

2 words might scare you straight into prioritizing yourself: STRESS & BURNOUT.

Personally, I’ve experienced full-on stress and was on the verge of BURNOUT and it was NOT pretty.

Stress VS. Burnout

Stress is the precursor to Burnout as burnout is a gradual process. It arrives after ignoring your own needs/wants for so long. Several factors add to accumulating stress. Some of those things are:

  • Consistent high pressure situations
  • Overly demanding jobs
  • Working too much without creating BALANCE* (social life, “me time”, etc.)
  • Taking on too many projects/responsibilities
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor eating habits

Do any of these strike you as familiar? Don’t worry, Sis. I’ve been there.

I’ve created a chart to help you identify what you may experience if you haven’t been “pouring into your own cup”:



Doing too much Barely doing anything
Highly emotional, On edge Not emotional enough, dull, not feeling anything
Feelings of urgency No “get-up-and-go”
Loss of energy Loss of motivation and drive
May experience anxiety as a result May experience depression as a result
Tears your physical body down first Tackles your emotions

As if those aren’t enough to wake you up, did you know that your personality type could have alot to do with the way your body processes stress?

Just think about it… If you’re Type A, a perfectionist, pretty anal about EVERYTHING, you may experience stress quicker than someone who is Type B.

Sheesh, that’s so much to consider when you can avoid all these things by considering YOURSELF.

How do I prevent stress and burnout? 

There’s a commonly known metaphor that I sorta mentioned earlier in this post. It’s called “Filling Your Cup”. Imagine your body being the cup. Of course, there are several places that you must pour yourself into. Your job needs a drink, your kids need a drink, your significant other needs a drink… so many places you have to pour some piping-hot, ice-cold, or lukewarm “YOU” into! So what happens when you consistently pour into everyone else’s cup without refilling your own? YOU RUN OUTTA JUICE!

The answer is simple: You must take the responsibility to make time to fill your cup, feed your soul, and nourish your body!

What can I do to break the cycle?

  1. PLAN AHEAD. Take out your ‘Notes’ app, a pen and paper, or whatever you use to brainstorm. List your daily schedule by each day or if there are only a couple days out of the week that aren’t the same, list the repetitive schedule and then the differing days only. Look for spaces where you could delete “busy” tasks and insert yourself.
  2. GO GHOST. Start spending at least 15 minutes to yourself in those available slots and work your way up to at least 30 minutes a day.
  3.  KEEP GOING. This is important, so treat it as such. Be consistent in treating yourself as a high-priority!
  4. CONSIDER MAKING A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Just being real, a healthier lifestyle will alleviate most of our problems! Try implementing healthier meals, more exercise, and adequate sleep every day. 

In order to keep that beautiful GLOW, you’ve got work to do! 



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I LOVED the Chart you made! Very helpful! I was in a position in my career where I was experiencing what I thought was stress but now after reading your chart, see that it was really burnout smh. I agree with you also about the steps that one can take to break the cycle! Great post!


Same here! It’s easy to miss the signs because of everyday routine! Thanks for reading!

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