I think I can speak for all women when I say that some things are just better in abundance. Some of those things may be looked down upon but guess what? They make us feel good! I’ve compiled a list of things that women love but get a LOT of heat about. ESPECIALLY from our male counterparts *rolls eyes*. As a millennial woman, I know first-hand how stressful life can be. That is why we need our little trinkets-of-happiness to keep us going! These harmless things help us get by from day -to-day so that we can continue to perform our magic, amazingness in our careers, homes, and communities. Check out 5 things women should feel NO KINDA WAY about having/doing/using:

  1. BINGE WATCHING TV (& reality shows). Yes. We love to binge watch our shows when time permits. I mean why not? We spend SO much time concentrating on our lives and everyone we take care of that we deserve to set aside some time to senselessly watch senseless tv!  Everyone deserves a mental break right? Reality t.v. may not be the first choice in most households due to their brazen nature. They’re often looked down upon because of the massive drama they capture. America often perceives it even more negatively due to the way it depicts women, and in my community, women of color. Although it has several cons, reality shows serve women a bunch of pros! Optimistically, reality tv is so full of drama that it provides a good escape from your OWN drama! Do we like the fact that today’s entertainment stems from someone else’s life which is so full of unpleasantries that they compile a stream of edited moments to astound millions of viewers and profit millions a year on their most private moments ? I’m gonna say no. But do we enjoy watching those unpleasantries just for a good laugh or an escape from our own drama? Yes! A thousand times, yes.img_5155
  2. LEGGINGS & TIGHTS. “Oh comfort! Ohh comfort! Ohhhh…COMFORT!” What you just read is an accurate representation of how our butts, hips, and thighs appreciate these cotton, spandex, poly blend, ‘whatever they’re made of’ garments. Guys tend to roast and rag on us for wearing these with literally everything. I mean, if we can dress those leggings for whatever occasion we need them for, then WHY NOT WEAR THEM?! What guys fail to admit, though, they appreciate the visuals just as much as we appreciate the comfort. We deal with enough discomfort on a daily basis if I must say so myself. Bras, heels, sexy-but-sometimes-problematic lingerie, and the list only continues with more annoying pieces we wear to appease men and simply look-to-feel good. So when we find a beautiful solution such as this one, one that gives us the luxury of both looking and feeling like we’re living our best lives, we’re taking it! Joke on us all you want guys but we are ALL WonderWomen in our comfy af tights bro. 
  3. SCALDING, HOT, WATER LOL. Lately I’ve been noticing a growing trend in online jokes/memes about how hot we like our water. Listen, all I can say is, “The hotter the better!” We know how to get TINGS clean! ‘Tings’ being clothes, dishes, body parts, etc. Lol. I’m not gonna lie, I think it’s so funny how guys can’t handle our hot ass water. Really quick funny story. The water at my apartment gets super hot dangerously fast. Me being the AMAZING girlfriend I can be, I would sometimes run the water for my ex’s shower after work or after a nap (so he was always tired when I did this lmao). Anyway, he would react like a little girl every time he stepped inside! That last time he got so pissed with me that I couldn’t do anything but rear my head back really far and BURST OUT IN LAUGHTER! He was such a fairy! Moving on,  literally..
  4. MAKE-UP. YES! WE LIKE TO *BEAT* OUR FACES! SO WHAT! Although I believe makeup should be perceived only as a tool to enhance beauty and not as a device to create it, I love the stuff.  I don’t see a thing wrong with wearing make-up because I’m pro-choice and I believe if choosing to wear makeup makes you happy, go for it! I know I do! It gives me a glamorous glow on top of my glamorous glow! That’s what I like about it! Although I’m pro makeup, I can understand the adverse conception of wearing makeup. Most times, people express their dislike for makeup to declare that as an active standard in those they are willing to date. In other words, they’re not attracted to women who wear makeup. I can’t judge them too badly for this. Just think about it. It’s hard to date someone who may feel as if without their makeup, they’re not beautiful. Normally, either they don’t point this out about themselves or they don’t even recognize it.  Either way, the insecurities seep out in a number of ways that the person of interest can’t help but to see it unfold. Not to mention, never truly getting to know what they look like. It’s difficult to see anyone that broken by their own beliefs of beauty. I pray that’s not you but if it is I have infinite hope that one day you’ll see that makeup can’t fix what God already put his paintbrush on! Makeup is just like a pair of earrings, a handbag, a bracelet, IT’S AN ACCESSORY ONLY! YOU are the face of beauty, already. One time for NYX, MAC, MORPHE, URBAN DECAY, COLOUR POP, MAKE-UP FOREVER, SEPHORA, FENTY BEAUTY, etc! We don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it. Gorgeous women like to dabble in pretty things, but smart women know we don’t need to dabble in pretty things to be gorgeous!
  5. ONLINE SHOPPING. Like most women, I SWEAR by online shopping. I once saw a meme that compared online shopping for women to men playing those gaming consoles lol. I totally agree! Online shopping is not only therapeutic, but it’s easy and breezy and we can do it in our pjs and we ain’t gotta leave home and it’s just so convenient for all the right reasons! This may be my BIGGEST guilty pleasure and I’ll never give it up because I hate everything about mall and store shopping! All it takes is a search bar and a click of a button and I’m all set 🙂  I wear my Amazon Prime membership PROUDLY.  I’ve ordered things I could’ve simply gone to the store for but why? I have FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING. Sometimes even same day I think. Can’t beat that.  And when it comes to shopping for clothes, unlike the mall, the internet never lets me down. So do I feel bad that I prefer to shop using the click of a button? Nope! I’m Judy Jetson! Why should I?

Ladies, I hope I nailed these guilty pleasures for y’all! There were some I failed to mention but I wanted to keep the list short to give you all the opportunity to choose the next five!!! Can you relate? Are some of these your guilty pleasures? Tell me if they are! If not, what are they? What did I miss to mention?  Let me know!

Thank you for reading! I hope this put a smile on your face and made you feel a little better if you’re not already feeling GREAT! Come back later in the week for more good content! Until next time!

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Yes I cannot live without binge watching makeup videos on YouTube so I can buy more unnecessary makeup lol!


As crazy as it may sound I’m not big on watching any videos online..my outdated self would rather read BUT when I do, It takes hours to let go! lol weird i know


HOT water!!!!! YEEEEEES! Hotter the better!!!


I agree! LOL!

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